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Learn Mandarin Chinese Writing


Chinese character Stroke Order is an easy use and totally free app for those who want to learn Chinese character writing.Features:◉ You have full access to nearly 1000 Chinese Characters stoke order for FREE;◉ Each of Chinese Character in the app has audio, pinyin, definition, formation explanation, writing animation and exercise. ◉ With the SRS designed for Chinese character, you will review characters right before you forget them.The app remembers which characters you’ve trouble with and will automatically loads new characters when you’re ready.◉ You can watch the automatic character drawing and practice drawing with your fingers right away.The formation explanation for each character is highly recommended. It contains Chinese character’s formation rules and will make memorisation efficient and solid. ◉ You can learn Chinese character writing by character’s academic difficulty level, or its formation difficulty level. ◉ You can adjust the drawing speed of the animation as you like.◉ You can turn on or off the character’s audio according to your practice focus.